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Innovating “Big Data Assimilation” technology for revolutionizing very-short-range severe weather prediction (FY2013-2018)
Takemasa Miyoshi (Team Leader, RIKEN)
Project Overview
Data assimilation best combines observations and a model, and brings synergy.
This research aims to innovate the “Big Data Assimilation” technology for fully taking advantage of big data from Japanese next-generation technologies including the phased array weather radar, next-generation geostationary weather satellite, and world’s leading 10-Peta-FLOPS K computer.
Phased array weather radar
Phased array weather radar
Next generation Himawari geostationary meteorological satellite
K computer
K computer
Social, economic, and scientific challenges, and solutions
(Creativity, innovation, etc.)
• Very-short-range severe weather prediction is an important social
challenge in disaster prevention and mitigation.
• Viewing invisible phenomena such as airflows in cumulus clouds is
meteorologically challenging.
An innovative 30-second super-rapid update numerical weather prediction system for 30-minute severe weather forecasting will be developed, aiding disaster prevention and mitigation, as well as bringing a scientific breakthrough in meteorology.
Strategic Basic Research Programs
Research Area “Advanced Application Technologies to Boost Big Data Utilization for Multiple-Field Scientific Discovery and Social Problem Solving” (FY2013-2018)
Toward Big Data Assimilation Era

System Design

System design
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