Peer-reviewed papers

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Invited Presentations

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Honors and Awards

  1. The Most Cited Paper Award 2017 (by Japan Geoscience Union), 18th April 2017.
    Satoh, M., H. Tomita, H. Yashiro, H. Miura, C. Kodama, T. Seiki, A. Noda, Y. Yamada, D. Goto, M. Sawada, T. Miyoshi, Y. Niwa, M. Hara, T. Ohno, S. Iga, T. Arakawa, T. Inoue, H. Kubokawa, 2014: The non-hydrostatic icosahedral atmospheric model: description and
    development. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 1:18. doi:10.1186/s40645-014-0018-1
  2. Miyoshi, T.: Editor's Award, Monthly Weather Review (by American Meteorological Society, Seattle), January 2017.
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