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Data assimilation (DA) is a cross-disciplinary science to synergize computer simulations and real-world data, based on statistical mathematics and dynamical systems theory. DA has long been playing a crucial role in numerical weather prediction (NWP), and recently, DA started to be applied more widely to numerical model simulations beyond geophysical applications, such as planetary science and biological science. Contemporary fundamental challenges include better treatment of nonlinear and multi-scale system evolution, complex observation operators, and variables with non-Gaussian properties. Developing efficient computational algorithms has also been a major issue.

The 7th International Symposium on Data Assimilation (ISDA2019) will be held at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) and continues a series of well received events: ISDA2018 in Munich, ISDA2016 in Reading, ISDA2015 in Kobe, ISDA2014 in Munich and the first two symposia at DWD in Offenbach. The symposium is open for oral and poster contributions in various fields of DA researches.

The symposium will focus on the cross-cutting issues shared in broad applications of data assimilation from geoscience to various physical and biological sciences. In particular, the symposium will enhance discussions among researchers with various background on, for example, non-Gaussian and nonlinear data assimilation problems, Big Data Assimilation (BDA), high-performance computation (HPC), Uncertainty Quantification (UQ), advanced intelligence (AI) and machine learning, multi-scale and multi-component treatments, observational issues, and mathematical problems.

Important Dates and Fees

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: October 14 21, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. UTC (closed)
  • Registration Deadline: December 16, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. UTC (closed)
  • Submission/Registration Fee: Free


Day 1Mon., Jan. 21 Day 2Tue., Jan. 22 Day 3Wed., Jan. 23 Day 4Thu., Jan. 24
9:00-Registration 9:00-Registration 9:00-Registration 9:00-Registration
9:30-9:40Opening 9:40-10:401Keynote 1Chair: T. Miyoshi 9:30-10:305Keynote 2Chair: M. Weissmann 9:30-10:309Keynote 3Chair: H. Seko 9:30-10:3013Keynote 4Chair: R. Potthast
- 10:30-10:50Break 10:30-10:50Break 10:30-10:50Break
10:40-11:502Broad ApplicationsChair: H. Abarbanel 10:50-12:206Satellite DAChair: M. Weissmann 10:50-12:2010Uncertainty QuantificationChair: H. Seko 10:50-12:2014Convective DAChair: R. Potthast
11:50-12:20Group Photo 12:20-13:20Lunch 12:20-13:20Lunch 12:20-13:20Lunch 12:20-13:20Lunch 13:20-14:00K-computer tour
13:20-14:503Observation and DiagnosticsChair: A. Fowler 13:20-14:207Satellite DAChair: M. Weissmann 13:20-14:3011Coupled DAChair: I. Hoteit 14:00-16:0015Big Data AssimilationChair: T. Miyoshi
14:50-15:10Break 14:20-14:40Break 14:30-14:50Break 16:00-16:20Break
15:10-16:10p1Poster 14:40-15:40p2Poster 14:50-15:50p3Poster -
16:10-17:404Multi-scaleChair: S.-C. Yang 15:40-17:308Nonlinear and Non-GaussianChair: T. Miyoshi 15:50-17:0012DA Theory and MathematicsChair: S. Reich 16:20-17:406Convective DAChair: R. Potthast 17:40-17:50Closing
18:00-20:00Ice Breaker - 18:30-20:30Banquet -

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This Symposium is a part of RIKEN Symposium Series
and is supported by FOCUS Establishing Supercomputing Center of Excellence and JST/CREST.


Local Organizing Committee (LOC):

RIKEN R-CCS Data Assimilation Research Team

7-1-26, Minatojima-minami-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0047, Japan

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E-mail: isda2019-staff(please remove here)@ml.riken.jp

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