Big Data Assimilation

15-4 January 24 15:00-15:15

Real-time quality control of Phased Array Weather Radar data every 30 seconds

S.Satoh(NICT), F.Isoda(NICT), T.Sano(NICT), H.Hanado(NICT), T.Ushio(Tokyo Metropolitan Univ), S.Otsuka(RIKEN), and T.Miyoshi(RIKEN)


The X-band Phased Array Weather Radar (PAWR) installed in Osaka and Kobe are operated 24 hours a day. The PAWR was developed to detect and predict torrential rainfall using the dense three-dimensional radar data observed every 30 seconds. We have been conducting researches of the PAWR data assimilation (DA) for numerical weather prediction. It is important to process data quality control (QC), because the observation data includes various unnecessary echoes, which are surface clutter, interference noise, and other low-quality data. Although we had already developed the QC algorithm of PAWR data for the DA, the calculation takes about 40 seconds. We need faster QC algorithm for not only DA but also other real-time application. The QC information of the PAWR data is provided as an 8-bit flag in the same polar grid as the original data for various general purposes. The QC flags include terrain shadow, clutter possible/certain, interference noise, rain attenuation, and range side-lobe. We evaluated the QC flags in both cases of convective and stratiform rainfall. By using multiple CPU cores, we achieved that the QC flag computation time of less than 10 seconds required for real-time data processing.

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Dr. Shinsuke Satoh National Institute of Information and Communications Technology