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p2-11 January 22 14:40-15:40

Regional atmospheric data assimilation coupled with an ocean mixed layer model: a case of typhoon Soudelor (2015)

Kohei Takatama (RIKEN), Takumi Honda (RIKEN), and Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN)


This study investigates the effect of atmosphere-ocean coupling in a regional atmospheric data assimilation system for a case of Typhoon Soudelor (2015). A simple ocean mixed layer model, known as the Price-Weller-Pinkel (PWP) model, has been implemented into a regional atmospheric data assimilation system SCALE-LETKF.

Although the sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in an experiment with the PWP model change depending on the atmospheric-flow, the mixed layer model does not improve the track and intensity of the typhoon compared with an experiment with prescribed SST. This can be explained by a decrease of the SSTs and by a decrease of the ensemble spread of the near surface atmospheric temperature. In the atmosphere-ocean coupling system, the stronger a typhoon, the cooler the SSTs via heat releases from the ocean surface and via vertical mixing of the upper ocean. These processes induce negative feedback for the typhoon development, so that the typhoon growth rates are suppressed (enhanced) in ensemble members with strong (weak) typhoon. This results in more similar typhoon intensities among ensemble members. Therefore, the coupled system reduces the ensemble spreads in the atmospheric fields associated with typhoon.

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