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p2-23 January 22 14:40-15:40

Impacts of Rapid Scan Atmospheric Motion Vector and Sea Surface Temperature Obtained by Himawari 8 on the Predictions of Typhoon and Heavy Rainfalls

H.Seko(Meteorological Research Institute, JAMSTEC), M.Kunii(Japan Meteorological Agency), K.Ito(University of the Ryukyus) and K.Shimoji(Japan Meteorological Agency)


The high-density distributions of 3-dimensional horizontal wind are obtained by the rapid scan observation of Himawari-8. These atmospheric motion vectors improve the water vapor flux that is supplied into the heavy rainfall systems. The Himawari-8 provides the accurate sea surface temperature that influences the water vapor supply from the sea. These data are expected to improve the heavy rainfall and typhoon predictions. In this presentation, the impacts of Himawari-8’s big observation data on the intensity and track predictions of Typhoon Lionrock and on the rainfall prediction of heavy rainfalls (Kanto-Tohoku heavy rainfall and Northern Kyushu heavy rainfall) will be presented.

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Dr. Hiromu Seko Meteorological Research Institute