Convective DA

p2-6 January 22 14:40-15:40

Current and Future Reanalysis Activities at DWD

T. Roesch (DWD), F. Kaspar (DWD), J. Keller (Hans-Ertel-Center for Weather Research, Germany), R. Potthast (DWD)


The impact of extreme weather events and its relation to climate change permeates all basic layers of a modern society. National weather services and research centers are reacting to the increasing need to estimate risk and distribution of both standard variables of weather and climate and high-impact phenomena.

The agenda of weather services today includes the development and operation of ensemble data assimilation systems to estimate the uncertainty and distribution of variables in the framework of climate monitoring, both globally and on the convective scale.

We give an overview over the setup (including results from quality assessments) of DWD's current regional reanalysis system in operation (COSMO-REA6), which is based on ensemble nudging as data assimilation scheme. Furthermore, we recall the setup of the operational ensemble data assimilation (EDA) and forecasting system at DWD, consisting of the ICON global model with its hybrid ensemble variational data assimilation (EnVAR) and the ensemble prediction system ICON-EPS as well as the high-resolution ensemble data assimilation system COSMO-KENDA (Kilometer Scale Ensemble Data Assimilation). We will then give perspectives on the use of the coupled ICON-EPS and COSMO-KENDA systems for the production of enhanced reanalyses.

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Dr. Thomas Roesch DWD