DA Theory and Mathematics

p3-13 January 23 14:50-15:50

Hierarchical ensemble Kalman filters for stochastic parameters and hyper-parameters inference

G. Scheffler (CIMA-CONICET/UBA, Argentina; Dept. of Mathematics, FaCENA, UNNE, Argentina), J. Ruiz (CIMA-CONICET/UBA, Argentina; DCAO, FCEyN, UBA, Argentina); M. Pulido (DARC, Univ. of Reading, UK; Dept. of Physics, FaCENA, UNNE, Argentina; CONICET, Argentina)


Model errors in the ensemble Kalman filter are usually accounted through the use of multiphysics schemes, additive or multiplicative covariance inflation, stochastic parameterizations or a combination of them. Under these approaches, several parameters need to be optimized to properly assess the model uncertainties. Parameters related to the covariance structure of a stochastic additive term can not be inferred using the state augmentation approach. We propose a hierarchical data assimilation scheme based on two nested ensemble Kalman filter to infer offline optimal values for these type of parameters. In a low-order system, it was possible to infer the amplitude and covariance structure of the additive stochastic forcing for different types of covariance formulation. A simplified variant of the proposed scheme can also be applied to infer filter hyper-parameters like covariance localization scale and additive inflation amplitude. These schemes can be used as an a priori offline optimization of the data assimilation system.

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Dr. Guillermo Scheffler CIMA-CONICET/UBA, Argentina