[11] Applications in various physical and biological systems 1

[11-2] March 1, 10:00-10:30


Characterizing diverse neuronal dynamics in sensory circuits

C Daniel Meliza (University of Virginia)


As in humans, the songbird auditory system is tasked with decoding highly variable acoustic signals into categorical percepts. The neural circuits that perform these computations are not composed of homogeneous units, but of a diverse population of neurons with a broad range of intrinsic membrane voltage dynamics and sensory response properties. This diversity may allow circuits to process information on a broad range of spectral and temporal scales, but the functional relationship between physiological and sensory properties is not well understood. Receptive field models (RFs) describe the relationship between auditory stimulus parameters and neural responses, but rarely take into account the biophysical dynamics that generate those responses. We have developed biophysical and phenomenological neuron models that include sensory receptive fields, and we are using statistical data assimilation to estimate the unmeasured states and parameters of these models from intracellular and extracellular recordings in the zebra finch brain.

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