[12] Applications in various physical and biological systems 2

[12-3] March 1, 11:50-12:10

EEG-data assimilation for the resting human brain

T. Sase (RIKEN) and K. Kitajo (RIKEN)


Recently, we have found a possibility that electroencephalogram (EEG) dynamics under an eyes-closed resting condition spontaneously transitions among three metastable two-dimensional tori [Sase and Kitajo, The 46th Annual Meeting of Society for Neuroscience, 2016]. To elucidate this result more clearly, in this study, we conduct EEG-data assimilation, where a coupled phase-oscillators model, so-called Kuramoto model is used. First, to demonstrate that the Kuramoto model is sufficient to describe EEG dynamics, artificial EEG signals generated from Jansen's neural mass model are assimilated into the Kuramoto model. Second, to validate the fact that EEG dynamics is described by the phase, EEG signals are assimilated into phase oscillators. Finally, the EEG signals are assimilated into the Kuramoto model and how metastable states are generated is investigated. The present result might lead to predicting diseases such as mild cognitive impairment, stroke, and epileptic seizure, all of which would be associated with spontaneous brain activity.

  Presentation file: 12_3_T.Sase.pdf