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Experimental study of global imaging data assimilation for reproducing the inner magnetosphere

S. Nakano (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics), P. C. Brandt (The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory), and M.-C. Fok (NASA/GSFC)


The plasmasphere is the inner part of the magnetosphere where cold plasma is densely concentrated. The ring current is typically located just outside of the plasmasphere and it consists of high energy ions of tens of keV. The information on the plasmasphere and the ring current can be obtained from extreme ultraviolet (EUV) imaging data and energetic neutral atom (ENA) imaging data, respectively. We are developing a data assimilation system for reproducing temporal evolution of the plasmasphere and the ring current. This data assimilation system incorporates EUV and ENA imaging data taken from the IMAGE satellite into a dynamical model of the inner magnetosphere developed by Fok et al., 2014. We have conducted a preliminary experiment using a synthetic data set. The spatial distributions of the plasmasphere and the ring current were successfully estimated. The electric potential distribution which controls the distributions of the plasmasphere and the ring current was also well reproduced. We will explain the technical aspects of our data assimilation design and demonstrate the result of the preliminary experiment.