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Data Assimilation Seminar Series

Mr. Shumpei Terauchi and Dr. Guo-Yuan Lien (Sep. 16, 2015, 15:30-)

Affiliation Univ. of Tsukuba and RIKEN-AICS
Title Verification of the near-real-time weather forecasts and study on 2015 typhoon Nangka with the SCALE-LETKF system
Abstract Abstract: We have developed the SCALE-LETKF system, coupling a regional numerical weather prediction model known as the Scalable Computing for Advanced Library and Environment (SCALE)-LES model to the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (LETKF) data assimilation tools. With the SCALE-LETKF, we set up a near-real-time analysis and forecast system running on the K computer. It conducts a 5-day forecast every 6 hours over a 5760×4320 km domain centered in Japan. In the first part of this study, we verify the analyses and forecasts from the near-real-time system. The results indicate that the system has worked correctly. In the second part of this study, we carry out retrospective data assimilation and forecast experiments, focusing on the typhoon Nangka in the 2015 summer. The sensitivity of the horizontal and vertical localization scales to the typhoon Nangka case is investigated. It is also planned to study the Kobe rainfall event brought by the typhoon Nangka on July 16th. Results up to the time of the seminar will be included.
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