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Data Assimilation Seminar Series

Mr. Krishnamoorthy Chandramouli and Dr. Koji Terasaki (Oct. 12, 2017, 15:30-)

Affiliation Indian Institute of Technology Madras and RIKEN AICS
Title Impact of assimilating humidity sounder radiances with the NICAM-LETKF system
Abstract Remote sensing of the atmosphere, especially using the space borne sensors has gained considerable attention in the recent past owing to its ability to infer the geo-physical parameters over ocean. The problem of data deficiency over the oceans are very well tackled with the microwave, infrared and SAR measurements from satellites. The radiance assimilation framework for the JMA operational system using the LETKF algorithm was earlier demonstrated by Miyoshi et al (2010). Furthermore, radiance assimilation experiments using AMSUA microwave radiances on the NICAM model and the improvements in the analysis state was reported by Terasaki and Miyoshi (2017). In the present study, the NICAM-LETKF system is tested with the radiance observations from the Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS). The tropospheric humidity signature from the MHS radiances has the capability to remove considerable bias from the analysis. The advantage of this humidity sounder assimilation is being accessed for the different cases of interest.
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