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Date & Time 15:00-16:00, Sep. 6 2018 (2018-9 (50th))
*Please note that the start time is earlier than usual.
Place & Contact Room - C107
RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS)
7-1-26 Minatojima-minami-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0047, Japan
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Dr. Jing-Shan Hong






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Jul 27,


Prof. Pierre Tandeo

(IMT Atlantique)

Data-driven methods in geophysics
2018-07 (48th)

Jul 27,


Dr. Hironori Arai

(U Tokyo)

Establishing an integrated MRV system of Greenhouse gas emission from wetlands with Japanese earth-observation/modelling technologies and a data assimilation technique
2018-06 (47th) Jun 28, 2018 Prof. John C. Wells
(Ritsumeikan U)
Towards nowcasting in Lake Biwa: field tests of acoustic tomography, and discussion of some theorems relating the flow at a water surface to that below
2018-05 (46th) Apr 17, 2018 Dr. Kohei Takatama
Regional atmospheric data assimilation coupled with an ocean mixed layer model: a case of typhoon Soudelor (2015)
2018-04 (45th) Feb 16, 2018 Prof. Pierre Tandeo
(IMT Atlantique)
The analog data assimilation: method, applications and implementation
2018-03 (44th) Feb 9, 2018 Prof. Roland Potthast
(DWD/U of Reading)
Data Assimilation From Minutes to Days
2018-02 (43rd) Jan 29, 2018 Dr. Shinsuke Satoh
Three-dimensional precipitation data measured by phased array weather radar every 30 seconds
2018-01 (42nd) Jan 18, 2018 Prof. David J. Stensrud
(Penn State U)
2017-16 (41st) Dec 11, 2017 Dr. Tsuyoshi Thomas Sekiyama
(Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency)
Data assimilation of atmospheric chemistry: past, present, and future
2017-15 (40th) Nov 17, 2017 Prof. Yusuke Uchiyama
(Kobe U)
Challenges and issues in forward regional ocean modeling: Eddies, terrestrial influences, and surface gravity waves
2017-14 (39th) Oct 12, 2017 Mr. Krishnamoorthy Chandramouli
(IIT Madras)
Dr. Koji Terasaki
Impact of assimilating humidity sounder radiances with the NICAM-LETKF system
2017-13 (38th) Sep 26, 2017 Mr. Cheng Da
(U of Maryland)
Dr. Guo-Yuan Lien
Assimilation of the GSMaP Precipitation Data with the SCALE-LETKF System
2017-12 (37th) Aug 16, 2017 Ms. Paula Maldonado
(CONICET-U of Buenos Aires)
Radar Data Assimilation in a Case of Deep Convection in Argentina
2017-11 (36th) Aug 16, 2017 Mr. Sam Hatfield
(Oxford U)
How low can you go? Reducing the precision of data assimilation to improve forecast skill
2017-10 (35th) Aug 4, 2017 Dr. Chih-Chien Tsai
(TTFRI, Taiwan)
Preliminary Experimental Results of Polarimetric Radar Data Assimilation in the Case of Typhoon Soudelor (2015)
2017-09 (34th) Jun 26, 2017 Dr. Toshio Iguchi
Radar Measurement of Precipitation from Space: TRMM/PR and GPM/DPR rain retrieval algorithms data
2017-08 (33rd) May 18, 2017 Dr. Guo-Yuan Lien
30-second-cycle convection-resolving data assimilation of dense phased array weather radar data
2017-07 (32nd) Mar 7, 2017 Dr. Alison Fowler
(U of Reading)
On the interaction of observation and a-priori error correlations in data assimilation
2017-06 (31st) Mar 7, 2017 Dr. Joanne A. Waller
(U of Reading)
Diagnosing observation error statistics for numerical weather prediction
2017-05 (30th) Mar 7, 2017 Prof. Nancy K. Nichols
(U of Reading)
New applications and challenges in data assimilation
2017-04 (29th) Mar 6, 2017 Prof. Steven J. Greybush
(Penn State U)
Ensembles, Data Assimilation, and Predictability for Winter Storms
2017-03 (28th) Mar 6, 2017 Prof. Eugenia Kalnay
(U of Maryland)
Modeling Sustainability: Coupling Earth and Human System Models
2017-02 (27th) Feb 7, 2017 Prof. Hiromichi Nagao
(U of Tokyo)
Promises and Challenges in Assimilation of Infrared and Microwave All-sky Satellite Radiances for Convection-Permitting Analysis and Prediction
2017-01 (26th) Jan 13, 2017 Prof. Fuqing Zhang
(Penn State U)
Data assimilation for massive autonomous systems based on a second-order adjoint method
2016-09 (25th) Dec 22, 2016 Dr. Takahiro Nishimichi
(Kavli IPMU, U of Tokyo)
Dark Emulator: cosmic large-scale structures and parameter estimate
2016-08 (24th) Dec 21, 2016 Dr. Takumi Honda
Assimilating All-Sky Himawari-8 Satellite Infrared Radiances: Preliminary Case Studies
2016-07 (23rd) Nov 24, 2016 Mr. Yasumitsu Maejima
Impacts of dense and frequent surface observations on a sudden severe rainstorm forecast: A case of an isolated convective system
2016-06 (22nd) June 13, 2016 Mr. Yasutaka Ikuta
Assimilation of GPM/DPR at JMA
2016-05 (21st) Apr 14, 2016 Dr. Yohei Sawada
Advancing land data assimilation science to monitor terrestrial water and vegetation dynamics
2016-04 (20th) Mar 16, 2016 Dr. Juan Ruiz
(U Buenos Aires (CIMA)/RIKEN AICS)
Implementation and evaluation of a regional data assimilation system based on WRF-LETKF
2016-03 (19th) Mar 7, 2016 Prof. Roland Potthast
(DWD/U of Reading)
On Ensemble and Particle Filters for Large-Scale Data Assimilation
2016-02 (18th) Mar 2, 2016 Ms. Chang Yaping
Dr. Shunji Kotsuki
Ensemble data assimilation of MODIS surface temperature into land surface model
2016-01 (17th) Feb 17, 2016 Mr. Sho Yokota
Comparison between LETKF and EnVAR with observation localization
2015-10 (16th) Dec 25, 2015 Dr. Shunji Kotsuki
Ensemble Data Assimilation of GSMaP precipitation into the nonhydrostatic global atmospheric model NICAM
2015-09 (15th) Dec 15, 2015 Dr. Kozo Okamoto
Assimilation of cloud-affected infrared radiances
2015-08 (14th) Oct 21, 2015 Prof. Kosuke Ito
(U of the Ryukyus)
Advanced data assimilation techniques for predicting tropical cyclone intensities
2015-07 (13th) Sep 16, 2015 Mr. Shumpei Terauchi
(U of Tsukuba)
Dr. Guo-Yuan Lien
Verification of the near-real-time weather forecasts and study on 2015 typhoon Nangka with the SCALE-LETKF system
2015-06 (12th) Sep 2, 2015 Dr. Daisuke Hotta
Diagnostic methods for ensemble data assimilation
2015-05 (11th) Jun 25, 2015 Dr. Koji Terasaki
Applying the Local Transform Ensemble Kalman Filter to the non-hydrostatic atmospheric model NICAM
2015-04 (10th) Jun 5, 2015 Prof. S. Lakshmivarahan
(U of Oklahoma)
Nonlinear dynamics and Predicitability
2015-03 (9th) Apr 17, 2015 Prof. Takeshi Enomoto
Assimilation and forecast experiments using bright band heights
2015-02 (8th) Mar 24, 2015 Dr. Shigenori Otsuka
Towards 100-m resolution prediction of local convective storms: predictability and nowcasting
2015-01 (7th) Jan 20, 2015 Dr. Nobumasa Komori
Development of an ensemble-based data assimilation system with a coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM
2014-06 (6th) Dec 26, 2014 Dr. Keiichi Kondo
The 10,240-member ensemble Kalman filtering with an intermediate AGCM without localization
2014-05 (5th) Nov 26, 2014 Prof. Shin-ichiro Shima
(U of Hyogo/RIKEN AICS)
Data assimilation experiments of the dynamic global vegetation model SEIB-DGVM with simulated GPP observations
2014-04 (4th) Nov 26, 2014 Prof. Takeshi Ise
(Kyoto U)
Simulating terrestrial ecosystems: current progress and future perspectives
2014-03 (3rd) Oct 31, 2014 Prof. Masayuki Yokozawa
(Shizuoka U)
Evaluating the productivities of major crops at the global scale using process-based crop model
2014-02 (2nd) Sep 10, 2014 Dr. Guo-Yuan Lien
Ensemble Assimilation of Global Large-scale Precipitation
2014-01 (1st) July 23, 2014 Dr. Juan Ruiz
(U of Buenos Aires (CIMA)/RIKEN AICS)
Efficient parameter estimation for numerical weather prediction models using data assimilation

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