International Symposium on Data Assimilation - Online


  • Date: January - July 2021
  • Place: Online
  • Language: English


The International Symposium on Data Assimilation - Online (ISDA-Online) is a seminar series on the topic of Data Assimilation.

The 8th ISDA that was planned at Colorado State University for the summer of 2020 had to be postponed until the year 2022 due to Corona. In the meantime, the ISDA-Online seminar series provides a monthly platform for the exchange of new and exciting data assimilation research.

We, RIKEN Data Assimilation Research Team, publish recorded videos as a co-organizer.

Please see the details of the symposium at the main organizer's web site: ISDA-Onlie (University of Vienna).


Jan. 8, 2021: Data Assimilation Methods

Presenter Title Video
Roland Potthast Feature Data Assimilation - Theory, Algorithms and Examples Youtube
Xinfeng Gao Space-Time Multigrid for the Maximum Likelihood Ensemble Filter Method Youtube
Oliver Guillet A method for representing spatially correlated observation errors for wind data Youtube
Flavia Pinheiro Efficient nonlinear data assimilation using synchronization in a particle filter Youtube
Jeff Whitaker Understanding the differences between EnVar and LETKF solvers in an operational NWP setting Youtube

Feb. 5, 2021: Satellite Data Assimilation

Presenter Title Video
Yasutaka IKUTA Assimilation of GPM DPR Spectral Latent Heating using Vertical Correlated Observation Error Covariance in Kalman Gain Youtube
James Taylor Oversampling Reflectivity Observations from a Geostationary Precipitation Radar Satellite: Impact to Typhoon Forecasts within a Perfect Model OSSE Framework Youtube
Renaud Hostache A tempered particle filter for jointly assimilating satellite soil moisture and flood extent maps into a flood inundation model Youtube
Jyoti Bhate Role of Scatterometer Data Assimilation in the simulation of boundary layer flow of tropical cyclones Youtube
Marta Janisková Experimental assimilation of space-borne cloud radar and lidar observations directly in the 4D-Var system used at ECMWF Youtube

Mar. 12, 2021: Mathematics of Data Assimilation

Presenter Title Video
Rebecca Atkinson Mitigating Sampling Error using Optimal Localisation in Ensemble Data Assimilation Youtube
Ricardo Baptista Ensemble-based data assimilation via nonlinear couplings Youtube
Shay Gilpin Continuum Covariance Propagation for Understanding Variance Loss in Advective Systems Youtube
Geir Evensen A subspace iterative ensemble smoother for solving DA and inverse problems Youtube
Jonathan Poterjoy High-dimensional Data Assimilation using Regularization and Iterative Resampling with the Local Particle Filter Youtube

Apr. 16, 2021: Convective-Scale Data Assimilation

Presenter Title Video
Joshua McCurry Exploring Particle Filtering Strategies for Convective-scale Weather Forecasting Youtube
Tadashi Fujita Assimilation of Radial Winds with Observation Error Correlated in Time and Space Youtube
Leonhard Scheck Using visible satellite images in convective-scale data assimilation Youtube
Pauline Combarnous An observation operator for geostationary lightning imager data assimilation in storm-scale numerical weather prediction systems Youtube
Pierre Brousseau AROME-France 4DEnVar: A data assimilation system for NWP at convective scale Youtube

May 7, 2021: Coupled Data Assimilation

Presenter Title Video
Sergey Frolov Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Covariances in Global Ensemble Simulations: Impact of an Eddy-Resolving Ocean Youtube
Qi Tang Strongly coupled data assimilation with the coupled ocean-atmosphere model AWI-CM: comparison with the weakly coupled data assimilation Youtube
Zofia Stanley Multivariate localization functions for strongly coupled data assimilation Youtube
Bo Huang Development of Global Ensemble-based Data Assimilation System in JEDI for Aerosol Forecasting and Reanalysis using the GEFS-Aerosols Model Youtube
Alberto Carrassi Data assimilation in coupled chaotic dynamics and its combination to machine learning to infer unresolved scale error Youtube

June 4, 2021: Earth Systems Components and Further Applications of DA

Presenter Title Video
Longjiang Mu The Seamless Sea Ice Prediction System Based on AWI-CM Youtube
Angelica M. Castillo Reconstructing the Dynamics of the Outer Electron Radiation Belt by Means of the Standard and Ensemble Kalman Filter with the VERB-3D Code Youtube
Yohei Sawada Socio-Hydrological Data Assimilation: Analyzing Human-Flood Interactions by Model-Data Integration Youtube
Maximilian Hamm Estimating Thermophysical Properties of Asteroid (162173) Ryugu Using Data Assimilation Youtube
Reyko Schachtschneider Inferring Mantle Viscosity Through Data Assimilation of Relative Sea-Level Observations in a Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Model Youtube

July 2, 2021: Error Covariance Estimation in Observations, State, and Model

Presenter Title Video
Naila F. Raboudi Ensemble Kalman filtering with colored observation noise N/A
Samuel K. Degelia Impacts of Flow-dependent and Static Observation Error Estimation for the Frequent Assimilation of Thermodynamic Profilers on Convective-scale Forecasts Youtube
Hao-Lun Yeh Including observation error correlation for ensemble radar radial wind assimilation and its impact on heavy rainfall prediction Youtube
Jérémy Briant Background error covariance matrix estimation from multifidelity ensembles Youtube
Clara Draper Accounting for land model uncertainty in numerical weather prediction ensemble systems: toward ensemble-based coupled land/atmosphere data assimilation Youtube

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